A New Way of Thinking About Patient Activation

Our European colleagues at Aurora, a Spectrum Science company, have recently launched "All for Activation," a novel behavioral science approach aimed at enhancing patient activation for more equitable and sustainable chronic illness management.

As chronic illnesses continue to be a leading cause of mortality, morbidity and rising healthcare costs, Aurora is committed to improving patient outcomes and reducing the economic burden associated with chronic illnesses by employing a greater focus on prevention, early intervention and proactive self-management. Aurora advocates for collaboration with patients and the clinical community to co-create impactful activation programs, going beyond engagement.

While patient activation has historically focused on the individual, “All for Activation” is Aurora’s newest innovation which leans on shared responsibility for all stakeholders, from caregivers to HCPs and policymakers, to play their part. The goal of the platform is to engage health activation champions in shaping policy, transforming dynamics and fostering behavioral changes through ongoing refinement.

Read the full article for insights into this innovative patient activation approach.

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