Celebrating Spectrum’s PM360 ELITE Honorees

Each year, PM360 ELITE spotlights the leaders shaping the future of healthcare and life sciences. These individuals drive groundbreaking achievements, making significant impacts in their field. From visionary leaders to pioneering researchers, they represent the best in the industry, leaving lasting impressions throughout their careers.

This year, four of our very own have been selected for this prestigious honor. We are excited to share that Amanda Peck, SVP of Business Development; Ray Colon, SVP Creative Director at CrowdPharm; Michelle Strier, Chief Strategy Officer; and Tim Arendt, Managing Director of Consulting at Hot Iron Health have all been selected as PM360 ELITE. See below for more details on all of our winners and check out the full list of winners here.

Amanda Peck, Sales MVP

The Sales MVP category recognizes leaders within a company who are doing an outstanding job of building revenue and forming relationships that add to the growth of the company.

Amanda has been a champion for Spectrum’s enterprise efforts as SVP of Business Development. Her ability to navigate the organization through periods of growth helps establish her as a true example of a Sales MVP.

What truly sets Amanda apart is her influence and impact beyond the realm of business. She leverages her voice and platform to champion causes that matter, demonstrating a deep commitment to corporate social responsibility.” – Darcy Woodson, SVP, Internal Comms and Marketing

Ray Colon, Creative Director

The Creative Directors category highlights heads of marketing teams known for their daring creative and jealousy-inducing campaigns.

Ray’s solution-oriented mindset and visionary leadership have put him at the helm of groundbreaking creative for CrowdPharm, a Spectrum Science company. His teams are constantly inspired by his energy and passion for making compelling work.

“…Ray is uniquely talented and one of my favorites. He takes an all-ideas-are-welcome approach to this work, encourages everyone to share their thinking, and knows how to get the best out of people,” says 2022 PM360 ELITE Honoree, Ingrid Dahlin, Managing Director of Account Services at CrowdPharm.

Michelle Strier, Strategist

The Strategist category is for anyone with a sixth sense for what works and the ability to predict what a company will need to do to remain relevant as the industry evolves.

Michelle embodies that definition as a difference-maker and fierce advocate for compelling work and healthy, engaged teams. She ensures a strategy-first mindset is infused into everything the company offers, helping clients find ownable positioning, get ahead of issues, drive meaningful conversations and achieve their business goals.

Michelle is passionate about causes that impact health and equity for all. She currently helps to lead Spectrum’s DE+I Council, ensuring diversity and inclusion are front-and-center in both the work process and product.” — Amy Hutnik, President

Tim Arendt, Disrupter

The Disrupter category highlights the people who are not afraid to disrupt the status quo and change the way the industry operates.

Tim’s focus on healthcare brands and their challenges is rooted in a passion for patients and positive patient outcomes. This, combined with his strategic commercialization expertise, forged Tim into a changemaker who brings every client a compassionate combination of insightful solutions grounded in patient insight.

“Tim does things his way, a new way, and one that will forever change the landscape of how consulting companies operate. I believe it is important to recognize free-thinking leaders who stand opposite the crowd because they truly believe they can be the change their industry needs,” Matt Myers, Senior Consultant, Hot Iron Health, a Spectrum Science company.

View all of our winners' full profiles and the entire list of honorees on the PM360 site here.

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