How Spectrumites Prioritize Well-being Outside the Office

This year for Employee Appreciation Day, Spectrum gave every employee a Mental Health Day to use in March. The day was not a PTO day or a holiday but rather an opportunity to prioritize self-care and recharge as we near the end of the first quarter.

Everyone’s Mental Health Day looks a little different, but that’s because we are all fueled and recharged in different ways. Some enjoy the outdoors while others love to relax and binge their favorite show. Some used the time to catch up with friends while others chose to focus on their creative hobbies. The only ask was that employees completely unplug and not think about work.

As Spectrumites began taking their days, we were excited to see the various ways people prioritized themselves. Check out how a few spent their time off, and we hope they inspire you to take your own time to pause.

Allison G., Chicago, IL

“I spent my Mental Health Day on a Friday ‘playing tourist’ in my own backyard in Chicago. I visited Millennium Park and spent the day at the Art Institute of Chicago, where I was able to catch the “Picasso: Drawing from Life” exhibit before it ends in April. Each time I visit one of our incredible Chicago museums, I leave feeling inspired. It was nice to disconnect from work for the day and to bring renewed energy to my work come Monday morning.”

Charles W., New York, NY

"My mental health day let me prioritize my well-being and recharge my mind. During the day I was able to bike around my neighborhood, grab a nice cup of coffee and sit back and watch a movie. This break allowed me to be better equipped to support my team at work, as I can approach tasks with a refreshed perspective and a positive attitude."

Megan P., Austin, TX

“I used my mental health day to prioritize my physical health and went on a hike. I feel most at peace when I’m outside and mindful of the world around me. It was a bonus that my dog got to benefit from my day off, as well. I feel like usually my time off is used for busy vacations and appointments, so it was great to have a day dedicated to exactly what I wanted to do.”

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