How to Captivate the Curious Consumer With Science Storytelling

In the last decade, the conscious and curious consumer mindset has grown among the general public. People want to know more about what ingredients they’re consuming and why, where a product comes from and how it can serve them.

Let’s face it, as consumers, we’re all searching for products that are effective and match our own personal values—one of the many reasons experts suggest strong and credible brand proof points are no longer a nice to have—they’re a must. ​

By using the questions below, we can gain a better understanding of how and when to use science to build affinity for the brands and products we work with.

Who is the target audience?

The most important consideration when deciding when and how to communicate science is to know your audience, their motivations and existing perceptions of the product and category.

Are we speaking to a healthcare provider? If so, what profession? What drives them? What legacy do they want to leave behind? From there, we can use these insights to determine which elements of science to highlight.

Are we talking to consumers? Are they existing or future customers or both? What do they currently think about this product or this category? These insights can help us determine if we need to educate (branded or unbranded) consumers before introducing the science.

How can we make the science make sense?

Science can be complex. We partner with our clients, in-house PhDs, strategists and award-winning creatives to understand how we can effectively communicate with our target audiences. Whether it’s using dynamic visuals, analogies or testimonials, we leverage a myriad of tools at our disposal to go beyond what’s expected.

Where is the balance between the emotional and scientific story?

Science is more powerful when it’s told through the context of the human experience. A balance of emotion and scientific evidence must be used together to build stories that deeply connect with your audiences’ hearts and minds.

It’s human nature to crave connections with other people. If the audience can see itself in your science story, you have the power to connect on a deeper level.

Our Consumer Science practice has decades of experience and expertise working with brands in skin care, cosmetics, herbal supplements, diapers and wipes, and personal care products. We use our knowledge in research and development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, manufacturing, supply chain and sustainability to help our clients differentiate themselves from competitors by developing key scientific claims that resonate with consumers and industry professionals in a way that’s true to the brand and its values.

We don’t back away from communicating complex science. In fact, we excel at it! As a strategy-first agency, we know leveraging science in communications is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Have a scientific story you'd like to tell but struggling to get the message just right? We are ready to take your brand and its science beyond the status quo.

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