Key Takeaways from Meta's Agency Summit: Redefining Performance Marketing

Last week, I attended Meta’s Agency Summit– a virtual event focused on helping to redefine the possibilities of performance marketing using Meta technologies. The agenda featured several lectures from top industry experts from Meta and agencies on performance innovations, AI, Reels, first-party data strategy, and more. Below are the actionable key takeaways for advertisers looking to supercharge results and build era-defining businesses and brands:

1. Leverage Reels for Maximum Impact:

  • Insight: Reels, Meta's fastest growing content format, is a powerful tool for driving user action. This ad placement is highly successful at driving users to take action: according to a recent Meta survey:
    •  98% of people surveyed in the UK have taken action after viewing Reels
    • ¾ of people surveyed have followed a business after watching Reels
    • Over 2/3 of people surveyed have purchased a product or service after watching Reels
  • Action: Leverage the sheer scale and unique engagement behavior by including the Reels placement in campaigns, given its massive engagement (190 billion Reels played daily) and proven effectiveness.

2. Master Business Messaging for Enhanced Engagement:

  • Insight: Business messaging is the future of customer engagement, with consumers expecting immediate responses from businesses via their favorite messaging apps.
    •  66% of the global adult population is messaging businesses on Meta at least once a week
    • There is on average a 61% increased number of leads with Meta Business Messaging vs. legacy solutions.
  • Action: Partner with Meta experts to create seamless business messaging experiences, utilizing ads that drive users directly into the chat.

3. Embrace AI 2.0 for Performance Optimization:

  • Insight: AI is crucial in enhancing marketing efforts. Meta’s investments in AI are significant, and agencies are expected to increase AI usage by 166% in the next three years. Soon, Meta will introduce the AI Sandbox—a tool to aid in creative and copy development. AI Sandbox will generate multiple text variations of the same message, and expanded backgrounds/images to ensure all creative assets meet required specs.
  • Action: Keep on the lookout for the release of AI Sandbox. By leveraging this tool, marketers can streamline campaign creation and optimization, focusing more of their resources on strategic aspects.

By incorporating these insights into your strategies, marketers can harness the full potential of Meta technologies, supercharge their campaigns, and deliver exceptional results. If you’re interested in talking more about your media mix and use of these technologies to drive growth for your business, contact us today!

Meta Statistics Source: Global Consumer Short Form Video Survey by Factworks. (Meta-commissioned online survey of over 1,200 consumers ages 13-64; Users of SFV content in UK, Oct-Nov 2022)

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