Nurturing Teamwork and Community Connection

Each week, Spectrum virtually gathers for a casual, company-wide happy hour hosted by a different team/individual with the goal of building connections across the organization. This time can be filled with games like karaoke and trivia or presentations of personal interests. And last month, we hosted a 5-week Family Feud style tournament, called February Feud, where teams went head-to-head to compete for the title of champion. In addition to bragging rights, our teams were also playing for donations to a charity of their choice. Before every face-off, each team would give an overview of the charity they were playing for and its significance to them. We not only learned about several new charities, but we learned a little more about each other’s passions outside our walls.

By the end of February, we had 5 teams walk away champion and were able to donate to the following worthy charities: charity:water, Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc., National Network of Abortion Funds, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Huntington’s Disease Society of America. We encourage you to learn more about each of these amazing organizations.

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