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Spectrum Science CEO Jonathan Wilson Appoints Amy Hutnik as President
Hutnik to Lead Spectrum’s Expanded Strategic Platform of End-to-End Solutions for Pharma, Biotech, Health Tech and Life Science Clients Under a Single P&L
Spectrum Sabbatical Series: Seizing the Moment with Travel and Family
Meet Andrew Bailey, VP of GHMC, and learn about his sabbatical filled with endless travel and embracing family.
FDA Additions to Informed Consent – Will they help improve participant engagement?
Paul Ivsin, our colleague at Continuum Clinical, a Spectrum Science company, delves into the ongoing challenge of making informed consent forms (ICFs) in clinical trials more patient-friendly.
Be APOL1 Aware This AMKD Awareness Day
Today we recognize the nation's first AMKD Awareness Day! The American Kidney Fund is raising awareness of APOL1-mediated kidney disease (AMKD), a type of kidney disease. Find out more about AMKD in our latest blog.
TikTok’s U.S. Ban: Here’s What to Know
President Biden signed a bill into law which gives TikTok’s Chinese owner, ByteDance, nine months to divest the app or it will be blocked in the United States. Spectrum breaks down what this means for your brand in our latest blog.
Step Into Spring: Fostering Mental Well-Being Through Collective Action
Step into Spring with Spectrum! Our latest blog explores our company-wide step challenge, fostering healthier habits and minds through collective action. Read the full story here and join us in prioritizing mental wellness.
Unraveling the Washington My Health My Data Act: What You Need to Know
Amid the ever-evolving landscape of privacy law, Washington State's new My Health My Data Act (MHMDA) emerges as a pioneering standard for safeguarding consumer health data. Explore MHMDA's rigorous mandates, its implications for existing state laws and the crucial strategies for compliance in our latest blog post.
Dad Can Be Anything, A Story with a Little Imagination and a Lot of Love
April is Autism Acceptance Month, and we are honored to highlight the work of one of our colleagues Ray Colon. Ray is the author of “Dad Can Be Anything” a children’s book highlighting the love between father and child.
Medical Conference Season Prep: Is the Conversation Still on X?
For at least a decade, Twitter/X has been an essential supplement to conferences and medical meetings, hosting backchannel discussions and forging connections among in-person attendees and far-flung users following the hashtag. But given the recent turmoil (and rebranding), we needed to know: Is the conversation still there? Learn what we found and what we’re recommending to clients asking the same questions.
Evolving Human Roles in an AI-Driven Healthcare Landscape
Discover how AI is reshaping healthcare roles. From nurses to marketers, professionals are adapting to an AI-driven landscape.
Key Insights on AI Integration in Healthcare: Reflections from PM360 Magazine’s SPARK2024 Innovation Summit
Following attendance at PM360’s SPARK2024 Summit, our team synthesized how AI is reshaping the industry. Find out how you can leverage its potential by checking out our blog for more details!
Spectrum Sabbatical Series: Rest, Relaxation and Travel
Meet Brett Care, Spectrum’s VP of Measurement & Analytics, on his transformative month-long sabbatical journey!