Prioritizing Your Mental Elf in 2024

Spectrum has been a longtime advocate for taking care of your mental health. And research reveals that laughter is a natural, cost-free method of reducing stress, anxiety and tension, offering both short- and long-term benefits. So, for our 2023 holiday campaign, we decided to lean into what we do best: turning complex science into engaging, informative and digestible content all while giving back.

The campaign centers around our festive star, Mental Elf, who shares tips, tricks and funny-bone tickles that can help keep stress at bay and spirits soaring. While the campaign itself was holiday themed, the tidbits of wellness are applicable year-round and especially important to remember as we embark into the new year. And as part of our commitment to making a lasting impact, this year's campaign supports MQ Mental Health Research – a global organization dedicated to investing in mental health research programs worldwide.

Help us spread the importance of prioritizing our mental health in 2024 by sharing a few giggles and smiles. Laughter, after all, can be the best medicine!

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