Reflecting on Gun Violence Awareness Day 2024

As we recognize Gun Violence Awareness Day today, Spectrum is again calling for action to be taken to address the public health crisis of gun violence. In 2024, the urgency of addressing gun violence is clearer than ever. At press time, so far in 2024, the U.S. has already experienced over 199 mass shootings this year, with thousands of lives lost and changed forever.

Last year, we created a t-shirt design for our MM+M Agency 100 listing that took a twist on your typical concert T-shirt of listed tour dates but instead, lists out the dates of mass shootings in the U.S. in 2023. Our campaign also included resources for contacting your representative to demand change, ways to donate to the cause and sharing up-to-date statistics on the state of the issue.

In 2024, we continue to see rising rates of gun violence and deaths at the hands of firearms. Until major change can be made, gun violence will continue to be one of the top causes of death in our country and persist as a major public health crisis.

Interested in getting more involved in making the U.S. a safer place? Check out these resources

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