Spectrum Sabbatical Series: Unplugging to Live in the Moment

Sabbaticals can be a time to travel, pursue educational opportunities, engage in creative endeavors or simply take time off to relax and recharge. At Spectrum, we offer our employees who have been with us for more than seven years the opportunity to take a month-long sabbatical with the goal of returning to work with renewed energy, fresh perspectives and a greater sense of purpose. Today, we want to highlight Randy Brasof, who enjoyed his sabbatical with moments of connection between his family and friends by fully embracing his disconnection from work.

Randy, vice president of Interaction Design, reflects on his experiences, learnings and renewed outlook during his sabbatical:

  1.  How did you spend your sabbatical?

Traveling and relaxing! My wife and I went to an all-inclusive resort on the island of Granada; we took the family to Boston to look at colleges for my daughter and checked out the local breweries; we visited some family in Kentucky and I enjoyed hanging out with my brother by the pool.

   2. What were you looking forward to most with your time off?

    Unplugging. Plain and simple.

       3. How did you view your sabbatical time differently than your FTO?

      I knew I had full coverage, so I did not have to worry about checking email. In fact, I shut off my computer and did not turn it back on until I was back. It took a couple of days to decompress but then I did not think about work at all!

         4. After your sabbatical did you have a renewed outlook on your work?

        Yes! I felt relaxed. I was able to handle stressful situations differently.

           5. What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone about going on a sabbatical?

          Disconnect from electronics, breathe (it’s going to be OK) and enjoy the freedom to do anything for a month.

             6. Did you learn anything new while on your sabbatical?

            I haven’t had a month off to do whatever I wanted since junior high. I was finally able to slow down and enjoy the moment. I learned about different colleges through our various visits and the city of Boston by going on a donut tour. I learned wonderful things about the people of Granada and made new friends. I really learned that I love the Miami Vice frozen cocktail. And I learned that if I don’t watch CNN for a month, then finally tune back in, I miss nothing.

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